Claires travel pages
Claires travel pages

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Sao Joao del Rei

Travel boards is the place to meet up with your friends and fellow travellers to find out that precious piece of information about your destinations. The site has just had a face lift and needs a little time to get going, but please don't hesitate to sign up here... the more the merryer and the better it will work!!!

The Long Riders Guild

Now if you are looking for something diffrent, this is the place to go. The Long Riders Guild is, predictably, all about people who have completed or are in the process of completing journeys on horseback. It is full of amazing tales and information from the road, covering both the historical and factual faces of equestrian travel. If you like travel stories or horses, or both, this is a definite must.

Aardvark Travel forums

This is the place to go if you have questions about your destination, travel, accomodation or simply want to meet some fellow travellers.

Traveller's Point Travel Guide

Travellerspoint is a free worldwide travel community with tools and services to help travellers before, during and after their trip.

Travel Independent

Guide to independent budget travel, aka. backpacking - everything you nee to know. A good site, worth a visit!!

About France .com

Information about France and things French, travel in France, studying in France and more.

Gites in France

The Gitelink directory of gites and holiday cottages in France

A Paraguayan internet portal which has a few bits and pieces of interest.

Stefan and Vanessa Aalten-Voogd's World Travel Site

Stefan and Vanessa are planning a round the world trip, starting May 2005. You can follow their progress by visiting their site.

Volunteers in Latin America

Volunteers Oversears

Will to go

Multilingual world travel directory and guide, with special sections for Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Comoros, Seychelles, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. All useful links sorted by language, by destination and by topic

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